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Dr. Water proofing enterprises provide the best waterproofing solutions in Hyderabad with expertise and experienced waterproofing solutions. We ensure our clients that we complete the project within the time and budget. We provide high-quality expert waterproofing services that add years of life to your project.We provide services with the latest equipment and Advanced technology waterproofing to protect your building from any kind of weather changes like rain, cold moisture and heat in summer which degrades house. 

Water Tanks
Painting Wall
Wall Coating

Bathrooms are the major water leakage problems occurs in all commercial and residential houses.Leakages occurs mainly from pipes and excess water stored on the floor. We are the best water proofing service providers for your bathroom leakage problems.

Basically,the water storage tanks gets damage due to continuous water storage which leads to water leakage.The storage in water tanks causes wall cracks and holes.Dr.Water proofing will provide the best water proofing treatment for the water tank and keeps the tank in good condition for long time.

​Grouting is used for both internal and external surfaces for the floor,walls,swimming pools and water tanks for leakages and damages. Dr.water proofing provides best grouting solutions for all commercial and residential buildings in Hyderabad.
Our services include.
.Injection grouting
.PU Grouting
.cement Grouting

Wall coating is used for wall leakages. Excessive leakage of walls leads to sewage and reduction of strength in walls and this leads to damage of parking places. Dr. Water proofing provides the best wall leakages solutions to keep your wall strong.

Terrace Leakage
Swimming Pool

The roof is the most important part of the building which gets affected by rain mostly.It gets leakage problems which causes severe dampness in the ceilings. Dr water proofing solutions provides best roof leakage problem solving solutions.

Swimming pools have became most common in luxurious and residential buildings and hotels. We provide long lasting swimming pool waterproofing solutions.We provide complete solutions with wide range of products.

Maintaining kitchen is very important as every meal is prepare inside the kitchen and the level of hygiene directly affects your health.Poor quality of construction and lack of quality in water proofing costs your health. Dr water proofing will provide best water proofing solutions.

Dr. water proofing offers

odor-free waterproofing and surfacing systems with a wide range of options for functionality and aesthetics. Aggregate surfacing and coloured quartz blend with transparent finish which is ideal for balconies and terraces.We provide expert waterproofing solutions that lasts for longer time

Dr. waterproofing has done amazing work for home. since the called them and the response is very quick. These days it's really hard to find good companies, but honestly, I can say that nothing was overlooked and my home/basement is now free of leaks. Thank you.

Amarendra, kukatpally

Very professional, courteous and work done as promised. They also deliver their guarantee and return it if necessary. We definitely recommend this company.


Suresh, Hitechcity

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